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Cooling Foam


Dormeo Octaspring 7500


Experience remarkable ventilation with the unique Octaspring® 7500 mattress that will keep you cool and fresh all night long, whilst delivering outstanding latex support for your body. You will get comfortable quicker, fall asleep faster and spend...


Dormeo Octaspring 9500


The Octaspring® 9500 mattress has a deep layer of luxurious, supportive latex placed on top of the 3 extra-deep, breathable Octaspring® memory foam spring layers to enhance the extraordinary comfort and give a more responsive feel.


Dormeo Octaspring TRIBRID


The new Octaspring® Tribrid™ mattress is a truly unique combination of the three best mattress technologies - in one truly innovative sleeping experience. The award winning Octaspring® memory foam springs are topped with a luxurious...