Natuzzi Saggezza

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Product Description

You’ll get a lot more than you expect out of the Saggezza sofa. First of all, it looks great: it’s modern, minimal, and makes every room gleam in style. And it’s soft, very comfortable, thanks to its round edges and inviting design.

It’s also trendy, very trendy, thanks to its metal chromed feet, which convey overall elegance and balance. Every time you buy a Natuzzi Editions sofa for its style, you’ll be blown away by its comfort, and Saggezza is no exception.


Attractive piping, beautiful contrast stitching, and high-quality fabric or leather upholstery make the Saggezza sofa a lasting staple of every home that welcomes it.


You can tell at first glance that Saggezza is tremendously comfortable. Yet, we recommend you sit on it to experience the lavish amounts of feather it is filled with.