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Our Story

Established in 1979 By Mr Harvey, Moy Furniture Centre had humble beginnings. Trading initially in used sofas Mr Harvey would come home from another job and go out in search of pre loved furniture with only a trailer as transportation. 

He rented a small premise which eventually he would grow until it reached the now size of 50000 square foot. 

With business beginning to grow Mr Harvey decided to branch out into all areas of furniture and flooring. His staff force also grew and with that came more sales and ultimately more success. 

Eventually his two sons, John and Stephen joined the business. As grounded and hard working as always Mr Harvey insisted his sons began their career at Moy Furniture Centre working as part of the delivery team. Here they would get to know the products they would ultimately sell and the learn the importance of customer care. 

Mr Harveys wife has always been involved too. Looking after the shop accounts and the administrative side. Her team has also grown throughout the years. Her work is invaluable to the business’s success. 

With family at the forefront of Moy Furniture Centres business ethos it is that personal touch that we endeavour to deliver. We carry the leading brands in furniture, flooring and interiors and we like to market ourselves as a one stop shop for anything related to your home. 

In December 2021 we launched an online store. Here we offer the same quality driven and on trend furniture that our bricks and mortar store houses.